What strategy isn't working for you?Your strategy always works.  No matter what the strategy is, it always works.  The question is: Is it getting you where you want to go?
A strategy is a set of thoughts, beliefs and actions that we take to get something done.  We have a brushing teeth strategy, a showering strategy, a buying strategy, a motivation strategy, a learning strategy as well as hundreds if not thousands more. Most of our strategies are unconscious, meaning that we have done them so many times in the past, we really don’t have to consciously think about how we brush our teeth or take a shower.  Sometimes our strategies are working for us and the end result is the one we want and sometimes…well sometimes, they don’t work at all.  And when they don’t work, it’s time to change strategy.
Let’s take a simple example.  Let’s say I have a certain strategy for staying in shape that includes exercising in my gym and eating a healthy diet.  It’s a strategy I use most of the time hence, I’m not consciously thinking about this strategy every day.  But what happens when I go away for a holiday?  Most people I know have a completely different holiday strategy.  Their holiday strategy normally doesn’t include eating a healthy diet or going to the gym.  Their level of activity changes and so does the food.  All of the sudden, you find yourself gaining weight and feeling really lethargic.  But what happens if when you go on holiday you go mountain biking in the Himalayas?  Certainly you’ll use a different strategy for staying in shape on a “mountain biking” holiday versus a “lay around at the beach” holiday.  Most of the time, people don’t consciously manage their behaviors, thoughts and beliefs when they are in a different environment.
What about money?  Do you have a building wealth strategy?  Do you have a saving money strategy?  Do you have a spending strategy?  Which strategy are you better at?  Which strategy is embedded in your unconscious so much that you do it automatically?  If it’s the spending strategy, you may find yourself in a lot of debt. 
And what about your relationships? Do you have a communication strategy?  Do you have a arguing strategy?  Do you have a love strategy?  Do you have a connection strategy?  Again, which one is more familiar?  Which one is easier for you to do.
Your strategies of thoughts, beliefs and actions always work.  They will always get you to an end result.  The question remains, is it where you want to go?

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