Crystal ballI have some friends who just swear by their psychic. They call their local (or sometimes on the other side of the world) fortune teller to ask about what’s to come, what to avoid and what to look forward to.  The other day, someone told me their psychic said mercury was retrograde and that’s why everything was happening as it was.  I just smiled and nodded.  Another friend was told by her psychic that her husband wasn’t her soulmate.  This one I had a harder time just smiling and nodding.  A well meaning friend, who has the “gift,” told me that one of my businesses was going to fail before I even started it!

I could give hundreds of examples of crystal ball readings (tarot cards, channelings, reading tea leaves, numerology, etc.) that predicted the future of a given person and her heeding this guidance.  Sometimes, it went right.  Sometimes, it didn’t.

I have no issues with fortune tellers or their practices or their claims.

What I do have an issue with is the future.

What happens if you were meant to fail?  What if you were meant to take the wrong path?  What happens if, by going down that path, you met the man of your dreams?  What happens if that person you’re with becomes your soulmate just by living their own journey of life?  What happens if starting and failing at that business taught you such great lessons that you found your passion, started a new business and now had all the know-how you needed to make this one a complete success?  What if, by not listening to your psychic (or not even going there in the first place), you actually had all of the life experiences you needed, happening in the exact order you needed them?  Sure, not all of them are fun.  Not all of the lessons you get in life are going to put a smile on your face.  That’s life.  It’s meant to challenge you.  It’s meant to make you grow.  Life is meant to be just a little annoying sometimes.

This is the process that all nature goes through.  The wind blows and the trees bend.  It isn’t because the trees want to bend or their fortune teller told them it was time to bend.  They bend because of the conditions of the environment.  And by bending and straightening with the wind, the trees grow strong.  Their roots hold firm as their branches sway with each passing storm.  It isn’t fun for the tree to bear the brunt of the changing weather.  Some branches fall, some trees topple and some barely make it through.  The point is, that’s life.

What I want to tell me friends is this:

Instead of putting your future in the hands of your psychic, why not put  your future into your own hands?  Learn the lessons that life sends you.  Don’t worry about what lessons are to come.  Be confident with whatever life throws you, however long the storm lasts, you have the resources, the foundation to hold strong.  You may be a little battered on the other side and that’s okay.  Because you’ll be stronger than you were before and you will be even more prepared for what blows your way next time.


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