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What are you overlooking
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vitality, long life, and robust health?

Are you effectively tapping the vast internal resources of your nonconscious mind? That’s a super power worth developing!

Dr. Paul Scheele shows you how in the six video episodes of Brilliant Health, all part of the Totally You Mindfest. You will learn how to:

* Take back your health

*  Find emotional balance and well-being

* Get your weight right and keep it right

* Move beyond illness, disease, and pain

* Age with vitality and grace

* Live brilliant health every day for the rest of your life!

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Paul Scheele is co-founder of Learning Strategies, which produced these three video series. Millions of people have used his self-improvement and personal transformation programs all over the world. They include PhotoReading, Genius Code, Future Mapping, Abundance for Life, and the Paraliminals. And now you get free viewing access to three powerful and enlightening video programs through the Totally You Mindfest, including:

What is your “habit of expectation”
when it comes to prosperity?

If a bank sends you a thin letter in the mail, what is your immediate thought?

Is it, “Awesome, they found money that I didn’t know that I had!”

If not, you need the Prosperity Accelerator to learn to direct your nonconscious mind to full-on prosperity and abundance.

In these five video episodes, which are all part of the Totally You Mindfest, Dr. Paul Scheele guides you to:

* Blow away fears about the future, eliminate shame about your past, and produce the results you want. You’ll notice a shift right away.

* Squash poverty consciousness and replace it with unbridled possibility and opportunity.

* Crush financial anxieties.

* Soar past hesitations and indecision.

* Fuel momentum. Let it drive your prosperity.

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