NLP CoachingAre you ready for a change in your life?

The executives I coach are looking at what opportunities exist when they exit from their full time positions in the corporate world.  Most have a plethora of experience, knowledge and know-how though don’t necessarily have the specific skills they need to guide others to be their best.  Even though you may have managed large teams and c-suite members, coaching requires a comprehensive understanding of behavior, programming and language to really make a difference in people’s lives.

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should get certified and become a NLP coach:

  1. You’ve played the game long enough, you know the rules, you know the tricks, now it’s time for you to impart this knowledge on to others.  Each of us has a specific set of life experiences that are immensely valuable in a coaching situation.   A lot of other coaching certifications frown on you using your expertise to help others.  Not NLP!  As a coach, we understand that sometimes you’ll be advising, sometimes you’ll be consulting and sometimes you’ll be coaching.  There are different skills sets for each individual and each unique situation.  It’s best to get trained in a way that allows you the flexibility to adapt.
  2. You’ve created strategies of success that others can learn.  Strategies are specific combinations of actions, thoughts and emotions that lead to a desired result.  You know how to get certain things done and can be a model to others.  In my NLP Coaching Certification, I teach you how to break down your own strategies (as well as other people’s strategies) and find the difference that makes the difference between the best and everyone else.  Imagine being able to model the best salesperson in any organization then teach that process to every other sales person.  Can you imagine the results?
  3. You’re already known to cheer the loudest.  Have you ever seen a professional sporting event in the USA?  The coach on the sidelines is the one cheering the loudest.  He feels every up and down of his players and mentally plays the game with them.  You are probably already like this.  Your passion for what you do is already there.  Turn your passion into a profession and cheer on your clients to their own personal victories.
  4. And as long as we’re on the pitch, you are also known to stand up to the refs.  This is what makes an excellent coach – the ability to stand up to the person who isn’t choosing sides.  Sometimes people have a hard time deciding which way to go, which team to play on or which direction the end zone is.  As a NLP Coach you have the strength to stand up to the limiting beliefs, excuses and other nonsense your clients throw at you.  You have the ability to get someone to stop playing “ref” in their own lives and pick an end zone.
  5. You’re not afraid to get the right support for yourself.  Every coach needs a good support team.  They may be trainers, assistants and even your spouse.  Every good NLP Coach knows the power of a strong support system.  That’s why I serve as a mentor to the NLP Coaches I train.
  6. You have Disciplined Optimism and aren’t afraid to talk about the elephant in the room.  You are optimistic AND you’re realistic.  You aren’t the type to beat around the bush or sugar coat the hard facts.  The idea is that you know where you want to go and you know there will be challenges in the road ahead.  This disciplined optimism is contagious and you’ll be a model to our coaching clients as you constantly reframe their hardships using your NLP skills.
  7. You practice the difference that makes the difference.  Most executives focus on their strengths and let others do everything else.  You know that without working on your weaknesses you can be easily sidelined by unexpected situations.  Great coaches are constantly working on themselves because they know that everything in nature is either growing or dying.  As an NLP Coach, you and your clients will be the ones continuously growing.
  8. You see what others can’t see, hear what they can’t hear, and feel what they can’t feel.  Everyone has their blindspots.  You’re better at spotting them in others.  This single skill will set you apart from the crowd.
  9. You understand that the game of life requires mental, emotional & physical preparation to succeed.  You aren’t just focused on what people do or how they do it.  You’re focused on the entire PERSON.  A system is dynamic, a system is complex and a system is integrated.  You work with your clients on the whole system.
  10. Be the one they remember for the rest of their lives because of all the things you do in #1-#9.  There’s nothing more satisfying than being the person who said the right thing, at the right time, to the right person and it changed their lives forever!

Interested in learning more about becoming a Certified NLP Coach and what makes the difference between us and every other coach?  Check out my comprehensive 36-day coaching certification program.

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