Elynn Teo

Elynn Teo

Type Empowerment Coach

About Me I believe every individual has this inner power and strength within them to achieve the happiness they want. Sometimes, we are just a little stuck. Just like being trapped in the dark tunnel and need a guide to seek the light at the end of the tunnel.

That's what happened to me.

Personally gone through a challenging and emotionally neglected childhood, I learnt to work very hard for survival...and then in pursuit of happiness and love. I eventually arrived at a really comfortable place - I have a lovely family of my own with two beautiful children, and I was holding leadership position in a prestigious organization. But I felt something amiss. I felt stuck, and I could not visualize the path ahead of me despite everything I had.

I went through my own personal development journey, where NLP and Positive Psychology has completely transformed how I view my life vis-a-vis the world, and my parenting approach to raise my children.

Today, I feel extremely privileged to be an empowerment coach and counsellor-trainee, where I am trusted to make a direct positive impact to people's lives.

Everyone has a different story, and so do you. If you are ready to embark on this journey to write a new story or a new chapter, I am here to be your guiding light.

Experience I work with individuals to help them overcome limiting beliefs and mindsets, achieve their potential and live a happy, flourishing life.

I also work with children (from five years old) and youths to help them enhance their social-emotional well-being and develop growth mindsets.

What I offer * Individual 1-on-1 coaching on life purpose & goals, career, parenting, relationships, communications, mindsets & beliefs
* Emotion Coaching for children (from 5 years old) and youths
* Group Program for Parents on "Be Your Child's Emotion Coach"
* Group Program for Children "Be Your Own Emotion Scientist"
* Group workshops & events

Company Name The Mind Studio

Specialities Life Coaching, Young Adult Teen Coaching

Certification NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coaching, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Counselling

Phone 90676242

Website https://www.themindstudio.sg

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