Darvinya Param

Darvinya Param

Address 14 Tan Boon Chong Avenue

Phone Number 97551590

Type Inner Child Coach, Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher

About Me My journey into NLP started as a client. I was stuck in a reccuring cycle of a job I hated, poor relationships, helplessness and hopelessness – I was unable to picture a better, brighter future.

The only thing I knew was that something had to change.
Having tried all kinds of different therapeutic and healing practices, working with an NLP coach changed my life. I saw the quickest and most significant changes unfold.

NLP helped me realize that I can change. I can change my thoughts, my perspective, my behaviour and ultimately my circumstances. All I needed to do was learn how.

Today, I specialize in helping people work through their limiting beliefs by decluttering their past.

Experience Have you ever wondered why the same thing keeps happening to you? Why you keep attracting the same people or situtions into your life?

I am experienced in working with people who find themselves stuck in the same repeative cycle of arguments, rejection, money issues, depression and anxiety. Whether you are looking for change at home or in the workplace or even in your relationship with money or weight, change truly happens when you go to the root of the problem.

What I offer A 3 step approach to transforming you life:
1) Go to the root of the problem - usually through inner child coaching as our core belief structure is formed from ages 0 to 7.

2) Learn to communicate - Once we have removed our triggers, it's important that we learn to communicate differently with our external world.

3) Plant new seeds for the future - Once you've changed your reactions into responses, you get to decide what kind of future you want. In this step we come up with a step-by-step approach to your goals.

Company Name The Kaizen Collective

Specialities Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Young Adult Teen Coaching, Private Public Training, Online Training

Certification NLP Master Practitioner, mBIT, NLP Coaching

Phone 97551590

Website http://www.thekaizencollective.com

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