Darryl Lim

Darryl Lim

Type NLP and Drama | Neuro-Creating

About Me Hi! I'm glad you landed here. I started this self-development and coaching journey after a really intense self-development training years ago, during which I was compelled to change. In three days, the trainers challenged us to change deep-seated values in a way that just didn't sit well with me, and I ended up feeling really terrible and disempowered. I knew that there were so many areas of growth in my life, and I needed to change, yet I was resistant to the training because I lost my sense of self and agency. I wanted to find a way that could EMPOWER me to change. And that's when I started this NLP journey.

I want to live in a brand new world where young people are empowered to become their greatest creative selves: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As a bodybuilder, I believe that each person can be empowered to work towards excellent health and fitness, so that they can increase their choices and flexibility in life.

As an educator, I believe that each student can be empowered to choose growth and to develop their passion in life and for life.

As a theatre academic and director, I believe that all of us have the innate ability to create and it's crucial for us to be proud of what we have to say and what we have to give to this world. We can be empowered to use our life stories to create a difference in this world.

As an NLP coach and trainer, I aim to pace young leaders into creating change, overcoming stagnation, and moving towards their ideal creative selves. It's all about being the difference that makes the difference, isn't it?

When I'm not working, I love to create experiences with friends or simply just hang out over prata or a beer. There's nothing like a good time and a good talk with my buddies!

Experience Past coaching clients include young emerging corporate team leaders, entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts, and artists

>10 years of theatre making and research

>10 years in the training and education industry

What I offer | Coaching/Training for Youth and Young Adult Leaders |
- NLP Coaching and Certification
- NLP for Goal-Setting and Motivation

| NLP for Your Creative Self |
- NLP for Health and Fitness (Body)
- NLP for Education and Pedagogy (Mind)
- NLP for Theatre and the Arts (Soul)
- Signature Programme: Neuro-Creating

Company Name You Matter NLP Coaching and Training

Specialities Life Coaching, Young Adult Teen Coaching, NLP Certification Training

Certification NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, NLP Coaching

Phone +6585719300

Website https://www.you-matter.info/

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