Aurore Plisnier

Aurore Plisnier

Type Executive Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

About Me Aurore is a multilingual Belgian citizen who relocated in 2017 in Shanghai with her family and in Singapore in 2019. She is the mum of two children (aged 12 and 15) and is passionate in helping women who face challenges in either their professional or personal life,

Experience Aurore has a 20-year successful career in human resources, gathered from multiple multinational corporations, mostly in leadership positions.
In 2015, she had her first experience as a woman entrepreneur in Europe as owner of Next, an HR Consulting company until she first relocated as a family to Shanghai in 2017 where she completed an Executive coaching certification. Recently she also got certified as NLP Coach in Singapore.
She is now working as an Executive and Life Coach, guiding women transforming their powerless or overwhelming feelings into a resourceful and confident mindset to bring success and happiness in their lives.

What I offer Aurore provides coaching and workshops delivery in English and French.
She specialises in providing guidance to women in:

-Setting up boundaries
Learning to build boundaries results in improved productivity and better results in the workplace. So what stops women from speaking up and standing firm for themselves when they need it most?

Aurore helps her clients identify their boundaries, recognizing that they have the right to have those and finally, establishing a strategy to enforce those boundaries in real life/work situations.

-Overcoming the Imposter syndrome
The imposter syndrome is the idea that you’ve only succeeded due to luck, and not because of your talent or qualifications.
Without having encountered professional setbacks and having been praised throughout their career for their achievements, lots of women do not really feel fully legitimate. “Maybe they had just been lucky to get that promotion over someone else… could it be that their job was not that difficult?” All these thoughts lead to insecurity.

Aurore teaches her clients about this syndrome and helps her clients build up confidence in their ability so that they feel competent enough to go and get their dreamed job.

-Dealing with emotional overwhelm
Emotional overwhelm is a state of being beset by intense emotion that is difficult to manage. It can affect your ability to think and act rationally. It can dramatically impact your communication at home and at work.

Through a set of communication and emotion management techniques, Aurore helps her clients to come back to a more balanced emotional state that allows them to think clearly and convey their messages effectively to reach their outcome.

-Achieving success through career
With her 20 years of HR experience helping organizations build, develop, and leverage the unique talents of their leaders and teams, She knows and understands the rules of the game of the corporate world and is therefore able to assist women navigating their careers and realizing greater leadership impact.

Specialities Executive Coaching, Life Coaching

Certification NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coaching

Phone 90387390

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