Abhilasha Krishnan

Abhilasha Krishnan

Address Gallop Gables, 82 Farrer Rd
#01-04, Blk 82 A Greyville

Phone Number 97889958

Type Executive coach

About Me I believe that leaders who nurture thriving habitats and create the conditions for everyone to succeed through leading inclusively and inspiring with purpose are most likely to build lasting legacies in the form of high-performing, mission-driven teams who consistently deliver extraordinary results.

I've partnered clients on rediscovering themselves, rekindling their passion and making sustainable behavioral changes. As a result, they have led more effectively and positively impacted their organization & team cultures. In the process, many clients have also discovered the power of cultivating and living a life of deep personal purpose, while building thriving habitats at work and in their lives.

Experience My professional expertise areas are in coaching leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams, in designing effective culture interventions, nurturing inclusion systemically, managing transitions successfully and managing effectively across cultures.

With a decade and a half of experience in HR working across multiple cultures and with a variety of leaders, I bring deep listening, pattern recognition skills and the ability to work with you on systemic challenges.

What I offer I combine deep-structures understanding gained through NLP coaching with Erickson's solution-focused approach grounded in the client's resourcefulness. Combined with Marshall Goldsmith's work in trigger management, feedforward and stakeholder engagement, I support you in working through behavior change and habit formation to achieve your goals.

As your coach, I'm delighted to partner you through your own transformation journey, using some powerful self-awareness, feedback and creative exploration tools as needed as part of the discovery process. During our sessions, I am happy to accompany you at the pace you choose, and will work to create safe thinking spaces for you where you can boldly explore and bend your boundaries.

At the end of our engagement, I look forward to celebrating the remarkable progress I know you are fully capable of making once you commit yourself to living up to your full inner potential.

Certification Advanced Anxiety, NLP Coaching

Phone +65 9788 9958

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