Bad StrategyHow do you build an awful strategy?  I mean a really bad one that isn’t going to get you anywhere?  It’s easy.  Build the strategy based on a limiting belief.

I’ve been doing some refresher NLP work and listening to some different people say stuff about things I already know but because they say it in a different way, it sounds new again.

The first thing was about emotions.  Pick an event from your past that has negative emotions for you.  Once you’ve decided on a specific event, re-associate back into that event and feel the feelings you had back then.   You can pick anything from a cheating spouse, to a debt collector threatening you, to a fight with your child, or just about any bad memory.  Then ask yourself a very simple question, “When is the emotion of that past event?”  The emotion is nowThe event is past.  You can only have emotions in the here and now.   Very true, right?  Emotions are experienced by us re-living them in our minds which create a physiological response that creates the state or emotion – NOW.  I hope you’re saying to yourself, “Ah-ha” right about now.

Then I was doing some work through my audio recordings I have on abundance, attraction, prosperity and success built to last.  Somewhere in the process of listening to these recordings, I switched to beliefs.  I think I did it because I wanted to check it out for a client.  It doesn’t matter.  I needed to hear it.

I realized I was using limiting beliefs as the basis for some of the strategies I was operating.   Let’s look at some of the examples from above.  Let’s say you have a belief that you’re spouse is cheating on you.  Let’s say this might have even happened to you in the past with a previous relationship or even this one.  Then you go about your life but you’re building HOW you live your life on this belief that someone’s cheating on you.  Can you imagine what strategy is playing out in your life?  You might check your partner’s phone for suspicious messages.  You might ask a lot of questions about where he is going and who he’s with.  You might be “checking in” on him throughout the day just to make sure he is where he is supposed to be.  Your behavior is based on fear.

What about an experience with a debt collector?  Let’s say you have a belief that you’re always in debt.  Let’s say you’ve been in debt a lot and it seems history just keeps repeating itself.  What’s your strategy?  You might avoid taking calls from numbers you aren’t familiar with.  You might avoid taking calls at work.  You are probably very suspicious of other people in general and have a feeling that people are out to get you.  You obsess about money and yet you seem to spend it quickly so that it doesn’t get taken from you.

Is it that you’re directing your energy to creating a healthy and trusting relationship or are you directing your energy to the fear of a cheating spouse?  Are you attracting abundance in your life by focusing on creating prosperity or are you fixated on the fear of not having money?  The point is that most of us start our strategies based on my fear.  If I start with a negative belief and build my system around that belief, then I’m just reaffirming the belief!  The strategies we’ve been running are based on a fear of a past situation.  It’s our current fear of history repeating itself.  I don’t know about you but I don’t own a crystal ball and we can make ourselves sick (and attracting the wrong energy) thinking this way!

What would you be doing differently if you came from the place of “it’s easy to have a trusting and healthy relationship” or “it’s easy to make money, invest, save and prosper?”

Lastly, I was doing a guided meditation recording which asked for me to select a model, someone who is already living (and doing) at the level I want to live at.  Do you know someone who is already attracting positive relationships or wealth (or whatever it is that you wish to attract)?  What strategies are they using that could help you change your mindset from a place of fear to a place of success?

Here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Discover the limiting belief behind your current strategy, get rid of your crystal ball and choose an empowering belief instead
  2. Find a model that already has a strategy to what you want to achieve and follow it (you can also make up your own).  Be sure your new strategy is built on your empowering belief and not fear
  3. Keep your mind focused on the empowering belief and the steps you are taking to fulfill your new strategy

Don’t let the past limit your future.  Anything can happen if you have the right strategy and mindset!

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