I was chatting with a fellow coach today and we were comparing stories of people in our lives who love DRAMA.  They love complaining about Trump, worrying about North Korea, and have anxiety over what will happen with Brexit.  We just don’t get it.  Sure, these are really scary uncertain times…for some people…and for others of us, we are perfectly comfortable, happy and grateful for the peaceful lives we live.

If you are one of the ones who are worried, having anxiety or feeding into the drama on FB, Twitter or other social media sites, think about this:

“Where does your trust come from?”

What do you trust?  What do you know, for certain, is peaceful and loving and gracious and joyous and optimistic?  And then when you really think about these things and start focusing your attention on those, how does that make you feel?  It takes you away from the drama right?  It takes you away from the worry and the anxiety, doesn’t it?

Some of you might be saying something like, “But Lindley, I have to be concerned about where the world is heading.”  And I’m here to challenge you and say, “Do you really?”  Do you really HAVE TO BE concerned?  Do you really HAVE TO BE worried?  Aren’t there people in the world that make a lot more money than you do who are actually paid to sort this stuff out?  Yes, there are.  And that’s their job.  Let them do it.  Have faith that the world isn’t going to collapse because of their incompetence or lack of diplomacy.  Lots of bad stuff has happened in history and the world moved on.  Bad stuff happens every day in fact, and the world moves on. 

If you keep focusing on the bad stuff, then you live in a world that is just bad stuff.  How about living in a world that is filled with things you can be certain of?

“What can you be certain of?” 

I have certainty in the fact that I will get up tomorrow, the sun will shine, grass will grow, I’ll get a hug from my husband before he goes to work and I’ll start my day intending to make it AMAZING!  I’m certain of those things that I can control.  And I spend my time focused on those things.  I ignore stuff that I can’t control.  I can’t control hurricanes, flooding and poverty.  It’s not that I’m not concerned about those things.  I am.  I just don’t need to spend my life worried about them.  I’d rather spend my time focused on helping those in my environment, making my little corner of the world better and better each day.  This is what I’m certain of.

Certainty gives us the power to be motivated.  When you feel certain, doesn’t it give you strength to do things you wouldn’t normally do?  Uncertainty gives us variety but also gives us fear, reluctance, hesitance, and indecision. And when you are uncertain about things you can’t even control, you’re basically giving your motivational power over to Trump, North Korea or the UK.  Is that what you really want?


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