Have you ever been in a room where there’s so much tension between people you can feel it?

This happened to me recently and it was soooooooo uncomfortable.  Waves of energy from the people in conflict poured out of them so strongly that others could sense there was definitely something wrong. That’s the elephant in the room. It weighs on the environment so heavily, you can feel it like an elephant sitting on your chest. 

It doesn’t surprise me because thoughts from our mind and feelings from our bodies transmit waves of energy that can be felt up to 15 feet away (in the case of the heart)!

In this particular case one person was transmitting so much negative energy it was like a herd of elephants trampling through the room.

And here’s what I think people should do, eat the elephant!  You know that productivity tip about getting up and eating the frog first thing?  It’s about getting the task you don’t want to do out of the way first. It’s about tackling the dreaded things you hate so you can get on with the remainder of your day and have a sense of achievement and relief!

I think people should talk about the elephant in the room first thing. Release the tension! It’s not going to be comfortable or pleasant (like eating a frog) and yet, if you do it, then the elephant is gone and you can deal with what’s next. The anxiety of discussing the elephant is far worse than the elephant itself. When you start talking about it, those waves of energy have some place to go. You begin to release the stress.

Normally people who don’t like eating elephants don’t like conflict.

This is not me. I’m the one people normally have a problem talking to because I’m upfront and have no issue with discussing hard stuff. For me it’s the release of energy that’s important.  Holding the energy, the stress, the elephant, is too much for me. I’d rather it dissipate as quickly as possible.

How about you? What elephant do you need to eat today?

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