Before You Set Your Goals

STOP!  Don’t even think about setting a goal or making a silly New Year’s resolution until you read this! Some people make a big mistake in setting goals that aren’t related to the roles they have in their lives.  Roles?  Yes, the different hats you wear throughout your day, week and month, are the roles (more…)

Arrival Syndrome

​When some people reach their goal and “arrive” they tend to fall back and say “I’ve made it!” and then not stay on top of the behaviors that got them there in the first place. Comfy in your corner office you lose sight of the numbers. You abdicate instead of delegate. You skip the gym (more…)

Bring Back Rules

I’m standing at the taxi stand waiting for the next available taxi to come along. Up pulls a black cab (the expensive private-driver kind) that blocks the driveway as he waits for whatever passenger has hired him. The only problem is that he’s not allowed to park at the taxi stand because it prevents other (more…)

A Wise Man Once Said

Wise men are great.  Wise women are too.  They say the smartest things sometimes.  Don’t you agree?  Here’s what this one said… People who look up avoid bird poop. It’s true, right?  If you’re looking up, you’ll see the bird and then you’ll be able to take action and move.  If you’re looking down, you’re (more…)

Being Disciplined Versus Self-Discipline

Language is a funny thing sometimes.  Understanding how our brain “hears” stuff is actually very important.  Take this concept of being disciplined versus self-discipline.  They’re pretty much the same meaning aren’t they?  Or are they?   Being disciplined can mean that you are disciplining yourself to do stuff.  You’re being disciplined when you go to (more…)

Walking Towards the Horizon

I was listening to a small business owner the other day and he said something I thought was quite profound.  He said,   Judging your success by where you’re going to be is like walking towards the horizon.    You get it?  You’ll always be walking!  The horizon is always there.  You never actually reach (more…)

Growth or Death, Pick One

The other day, I was going over someone’s goals with them.  For all areas of his life, for the next 20 years, he only had a handful of goals.  When I asked him about this, he said: I’m happy with where I am.  I like my job.  I don’t need any more responsibility.  I like (more…)

What You Miss When You Crystal Ball Your Future

I have some friends who just swear by their psychic. They call their local (or sometimes on the other side of the world) fortune teller to ask about what’s to come, what to avoid and what to look forward to.  The other day, someone told me their psychic said mercury was retrograde and that’s why (more…)