Leading with the Negative

The other day, I was standing on the sidewalk outside a mall texting my friend when a solicitor began his rant about whatever goods he was selling.  He was a (more…)

People Are Not Their Behaviors

Well, kind of.  “People are not their behaviours” is a pre-supposition of NLP which took me quite awhile to grasp.  Before I learned about this, my husband was told he (more…)

How Do You Check Out of Life?

I was at a party the other night and I was listening to a group of people on the couch who were discussing the latest episodes of their favorite TV (more…)

Focus on the Task not the Outcome

Occasionally, I coach people on presentation skills.  I know that a lot of people have a fear of speaking in public, in fact, it’s the biggest fear in the world, (more…)

A Difference in Meaning

Recently someone said to me that I didn’t seem to be very happy.  At first I thought it was an insult. I was taken back by the comment because I (more…)

Eating the Elephant in the Room

Have you ever been in a room where there’s so much tension between people you can feel it? This happened to me recently and it was soooooooo uncomfortable.  Waves of (more…)