Doing What I Hate

Someone posed the question to me, “how do you do things you HATE doing.”  Most self-development gurus tell you that you have to have a big enough WHY to accomplish (more…)

The Swamp to Success

In my usual way of going against the grain, I’m focused on the present moment in my long slow climb to success.  Most people are looking for the short cut.  (more…)

Other People’s Stuff

This is a phrase I use a lot in my training, Other People’s Sh*t.  Well, actually, I normally say, “Other People’s Stuff.”  When someone asks me, “How did you handle (more…)

How to Avoid Overwhelm

My client sat before me an absolute wreck. She had been beaten down. By what, I had not yet heard. Her face was ashen and her eyes red and puffy. (more…)