Top 10 NLP Tips, 4 of 10

4.  Presuppositions “The map is not the territory.”  It’s my favorite and most used presupposition of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  When I learned about this concept on my very first day of my NLP Practitioner Certification Training, it literally changed how I see the world and everything in it. Before NLP, I had a lot of (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 5 of 10

People often wonder where my self-confidence comes from.  It wasn’t always there, mind you.  I remember being unsure of myself and always concerned what others thought of me and consistently rejecting myself before anyone else had a chance to.  I remember in my NLP Practitioner Certification course doing an exercise where I had to get (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 6 of 10

Tip #6 is all about overcoming rejection.  Before I took my first NLP Practitioner Certification Course, I learned about NLP from Tony Robbins’ live courses.  There was one particular one, Date With Destiny, that changed my life in more ways than one. #6 Complex Equivalents If you’ve ever been to a Tony Robbins’ course, you (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 7 of 10

#7 Outcomes When I first moved to Singapore, something very exciting happened – I got engaged!  I was so excited about getting married within the year and needed to find a wedding dress.  I was enchanted by the Cheongsam, a sleek Chinese styled dress with a high collar and a silhouette hugging shape.  I knew (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 8 of 10

History repeats itself. Or does it?  Our brains like history.  Our brains like generalizing information to match things that have already happened.  We form habits this way.  We also form bad habits this way. My husband used to love pointing out when I did something wrong.  He told me I wasn’t stirring the risotto correctly (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 9 of 10

Have you ever been crazy busy?  I mean, like “pulling your hair out” kind of busy?  It seems like more and more of us suffer from crazy busy (watch out because a pharmaceutical company will come up with a pill for it soon – but I digress). I remember a time when I started a (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 10 of 10

I remember a time in my life when I couldn’t let things go.  I could hold a grudge for years if I felt I was wronged in some way.   The way I kept my negative emotions going is by telling and re-telling the stories of how I was wronged by someone.  Each time I relived (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, Bonus tip

My phone just gave up last week.  It was bound to happen.  Google updated Android and my phone didn’t like it at all.  It was too much change too fast for my baby phone and it just died.  It choked on the Lollipop and I became the sucker. So I got a new phone.  And (more…)