NLP Resources

The Encyclopaedia of NLP – a Robert Dilts’ resource Robert Dilts’ & Judith Delozier created this amazing resources in 2000.  It’s sorted alphabetically and you can print up to 10 (more…)

Cows & Sheep

Happy Chinese New Year!  It is the year of the ox (it is a cow actually but that’s just being picky) and it reminds me of the story of my (more…)

Dysfunctional Motivation Works

For some of us, we are highly motivated by stupid stuff. Some of us are motivated because we want to prove ourselves to others. I remember one of my managers (more…)

Focus on the Task not the Outcome

Occasionally, I coach people on presentation skills.  I know that a lot of people have a fear of speaking in public, in fact, it’s the biggest fear in the world, (more…)

A Difference in Meaning

Recently someone said to me that I didn’t seem to be very happy.  At first I thought it was an insult. I was taken back by the comment because I (more…)