All Ducks Are Like That

It sneaks into most of my workshops. It pops up in a lot of my conversations. I hear it pretty much every day from someone.  Sometimes I even hear it from myself.  It’s the use of generalizations.  You hear it when you hear words such as everyone, nobody, always, never, all, nothing, etc.  Sometimes people (more…)

Are You a Learning Junkie?

I was discombobulated.  Something was missing in my life & it was disrupting my inner balance.  Suddenly it came to me: I hadn’t been on a course, to a conference or even so much as a workshop in months! I had delivered several for others but hadn’t actually attended one myself.   I’m a learning (more…)

It’s Not About the Certificate

The other day, I was working with a client on her goals and I asked her, “What specifically do you want?  What does it look like when you’re doing it? What do you say to yourself and what do others say to you? And what does it feel like when you’re achieving what you want?” (more…)

Choose Your Mentors Wisely

I may be a little weird but I don’t take marriage advice from a counselor who has been divorced 3 times.  I don’t take health advice from a doctor who is overweight.  I don’t take fitness advice from a personal trainer who can’t straighten their arms.  Call me picky but I believe it’s important to (more…)

The Power of Choice

Each and every day, we have choices, A LOT of CHOICES.  We have choices on what time we get up, what we eat, what we wear, what to work on and how hard to work on it.  Basically we have choices on what we do and say from the moment we open our eyes to (more…)

Trance Yourself Out

On the last day of my NLP Practitioner Certification Course, my participants read each other trance scripts which they prepared during our work on conversational hypnosis. And after they were done, they proclaimed it was the best exercise they had done with the most impact.  Here’s how to create your own: Start with a goal. What do (more…)

Mini Attack on 360 Evaluations

When I talk to people who live in the corporate world, I hear a lot about 360 evaluations.  I know they serve a purpose but here’s why I don’t like them: Most people I coach have an issue spending too much time being concerned about what other people think of them.  I know this isn’t (more…)

The Power of a Good Parent

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile.  It’s been at the back of my mind turning over and over.  And yesterday I was reminded why I needed to write it today.  I’m sitting in a restaurant.  I’m waiting for my food to come.  There’s a young man sitting next to me and his (more…)