NLP Resources

The Encyclopaedia of NLP – a Robert Dilts’ resource Robert Dilts’ & Judith Delozier created this amazing resources in 2000.  It’s sorted alphabetically and you can print up to 10 pages per day. NLP Wiki Here is another great encyclopaedia resource of NLP stuff.  If you have something to share – NLP wise – please (more…)

Cows & Sheep

Happy Chinese New Year!  It is the year of the ox (it is a cow actually but that’s just being picky) and it reminds me of the story of my husband and I on his farm in New Zealand.  On the farm there are cows and sheep (and a few wild deer but they aren’t (more…)

How a Doberman Developed My Self-Confidence

When I was growing up, I was a latchkey kid, which meant that when I left elementary school each day, my house was empty and I had a key to let myself in.  Both my parents worked and my sisters were older than I was and their school didn’t get out until after mine. Fortunately (more…)

Dysfunctional Motivation Works

For some of us, we are highly motivated by stupid stuff. Some of us are motivated because we want to prove ourselves to others. I remember one of my managers early in my career in the hospitality industry saying I would never be an entrepreneur. There’s nothing more I love than someone telling me I (more…)

Do you Have Disciplined Optimism?

I was listening to a podcast the other day and learned a new concept that I needed to share.  It’s called disciplined optimism.  What it means is that you are focused on your outcomes while having a clear understanding of the facts of your current reality.  It’s the discipline of taking stock of the challenges (more…)

Stop Thinking Life is Easy

I was having lunch with my friend Cindy today. She’s a world of inspiration for me. Today our conversation centered around her children and the trials of parenthood. We both have a similar idea of what it takes to be a parent. It takes a lot of hard work! It’s no walk in the park (more…)

Who Owns the Problem?

Many of us struggle with arguments and miscommunication because we don’t understand this concept called problem ownership.  And the reason we don’t understand it is because “problem ownership” isn’t a great way of describing what is actually going on.  If you think about the name, it sounds like you own a problem.  And for most (more…)

There’s no T in SMART

If you are a self-development kind of person, like I am, you know about S.M.A.R.T goals.  Some of my fans already know how I feel about “SMART” goals.  But I had a phone call the other day that prompted me to clarify something. There’s no T in “SMART” goals. The phone call was from another (more…)