NLP Resources

The Encyclopaedia of NLP – a Robert Dilts’ resource Robert Dilts’ & Judith Delozier created this amazing resources in 2000.  It’s sorted alphabetically and you can print up to 10 pages per day. NLP Wiki Here is another great encyclopaedia resource of NLP stuff.  If you have something to share – NLP wise – please (more…)

Cows & Sheep

Happy Chinese New Year!  It is the year of the ox (it is a cow actually but that’s just being picky) and it reminds me of the story of my husband and I on his farm in New Zealand.  On the farm there are cows and sheep (and a few wild deer but they aren’t (more…)

All in the Mind’s Top 10 Mindset Tips

As we are rounding out 2022 and getting set for 2023, I know this is a time when a lot of people start thinking about what they’ve accomplished this year (or didn’t accomplish) and what they want to set as goals for the coming year. Whether it’s New Year’s Resolutions, SMART Goals or my much (more…)

Do Unto Others

Do you follow the golden rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?  Are you a giver, a taker or somewhere in between? In the season of giving, you find that some people are givers.  They give and give and give and really don’t expect anything in return.  They like (more…)

Get Addicted on Purpose!

The other day, I was working with a client who has an addiction.  We were reviewing how he managed to stay addicted – what was his strategy.  He told me about this book he read that stated that all of us were hardwired to be addicted.  I understood the neurochemical basis for this though didn’t (more…)

Being a Billionaire

The Lottery in the USA has climbed to a record breaking and chokingly high level of $1.3 Billion.  Yup, that’s Billion with a big B. Sales may see that number climb higher than $1.5 Billion before the draw on my birthday, January 13th.  You can yap all you want about the odds of winning  this (more…)

Are Your Goals Tasks, Habits or Projects?

Did you know there were different types of goals?  There are task goals, habit goals and project goals. Did you know that you need to have a different strategy for achieving each of these different types of goals?  A task goal has a very different strategy then a project goal.  A habit goal not only (more…)

Flexibility Rules in Achieving Your BIG Goals

One thing that stops people from achieving big goals is their belief that it isn’t possible or achievable.  It comes from that notion that we are meant to have “SMART” goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.  It’s rubbish so don’t pay attention to it any more. You have all the resources you need (more…)