richard-bandlerjohn_grinderNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970′s. There were actually 15 people that began NLP at the University of California Santa Cruz though Bandler and Grinder are the ones that are credited with its start.


NLP began with this group of people modeling some of the best methods in psychology at the time.   Through modeling, these pioneers uncovered what made Virginia Satir one of the best family therapist; her ability to uncover lost detail in communication between her clients.


The NLP founders also discovered what made miltonericksonMilton Erickson an amazing conversational hypnotherapist who could create change in a client simply by telling a story.  We use the Milton Model language patterns to influence and create change with guided hypnosis.


Another renowned psychologist of the time was Gregory Bateson and his work with cognitive and neurological levels. Bandler and Grinder used Bateson’s work to develop many techniques in NLP.


Other luminaries of NLP include:

Michael Grinder
Stephen Gilligan



Robert Dilts
Marvin Oka






More information on NLP including a link to the NLP Encyclopaedia

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