NLP ToolboxNLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is best understood by dissecting its confusing name:


Referring to the brain and the nervous system.  In NLP, a lot of the techniques you learn are based on the natural functioning of the brain, how it codes information, how it connects, how it uses plasticity, and how it interacts with the whole body.


Linguistics are the words we choose to use and how we use them.  More specifically it is our communication, both verbal and non-verbal. The way we say things, what we say and what our physiology is – all play a role in the way we communicate with ourselves and others. NLP transforms the way we interact with others, helping us to build rapport and free ourselves from conflict.


These are the ways we have created habits, ways of thinking, of doing, and of believing. Our parents, the media, our culture, family members and friends have influenced our programming. Sometimes, a slight change in the strategy we are programmed to use in one area of our life can cause ripple effects over all other areas. NLP has the tools to make these changes.

Taken together, NLP is about the programs that run our brain and nervous system, how they affect our communication, and the interconnection between all of them.  With NLP, you can understand how you have been “programmed” and how to change programs that are not working for you or that hold you back. You can also identify the programs that work for you, and map them across to other areas of your life. NLP is all about creating successful outcomes for you and for others – by knowing more about these programs; how to change them, add more programs, and erase some. You become your own life hacker!

NLP is a toolbox of techniques that will get you to where you need to go.

Are there too many dramas in your life?

Do you have bad habits that you want to get rid of?  

Are other people crossing your boundaries of how you want to be treated?

Do you want to stop eating chocolate or stop procrastinating?  

Is history repeating itself too much?

Do you say things sometimes that you wish you hadn’t said?

Are you often upset at the smallest thing and you don’t know why?

Do you think you are communicating to others in a clear way and yet they still don’t understand what you’re trying to say?

NLP has tools for all of these things, and so much more!

Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you fix what’s going wrong, get you on track and moving in the direction of your ultimate goals with ease and comfort.

NLP is THE most useful set of tools for personal development. Once you have a greater understanding of yourself, then you can help others. Actually, NLP is a natural fit for anyone who is considering becoming a coach or work with other people such as HR professionals, sales managers, customer service managers, yoga and Pilates instructors, personal fitness trainers, Reiki healers, doulas and well … just about anybody.

NLP is not for:

  • Someone who thinks they know it all already
  • Anyone who wants to change others without changing themselves
  • Those who don’t actually like other people

More questions about NLP?  Check out the FAQs in our BLOG section