I was listening to a small business owner the other day and he said something I thought was quite profound.  He said,

Judging your success by where you’re going to be is like walking towards the horizon. 

You get it?  You’ll always be walking!  The horizon is always there.  You never actually reach it.  Wow!  I just stopped and reminded myself never to use the metaphor of a journey forward again.  Then he said something that resonated with me even more.

Judge your success instead by how far you’ve come and what your successes have been.

Are you walking towards the horizon?Isn’t that great?  When you judge your successes from how far you’ve come, you’re able to come from a place of gratitude.  You are able to be thankful for the challenges, the sleepless nights, and the moments of amazing opportunity.   With this perspective we are able to be abundant.  We are able to understand our inner growth not just the material successes we have on the outside.  We are able to celebrate and be joyous.  And we all need a little more of that in our lives don’t we?
So, what, my dear reader, do you need to recognize in your life?  How far have you come?  What have your successes been?  What do you need to be grateful for?

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