Why would you want to join the
Transforming Imposter Syndrome Course?

Because you’re tired of not feeling good enough.  You’re tired of doubting and second-guessing yourself.  You’re tired of always wondering what other people are thinking of you and your abilities.  It’s exhausting, right?  

You’ll want to join if you want to feel free of your limiting thoughts.  You’ll want to join if you want a sense of peace inside.  You’ll want to join so you can own your own self-worth and abilities even if that seems so foreign and impossible to you right now. 

What do you need to know?

  • Topics Covered
    • Self-esteem vs Esteem, what’s the difference and why does it matter?
    • Fears we have with imposter syndrome and specific tools to overcome them 
    • Beliefs about ourselves, where specifically is the problem and what can we do about it?
    • Our personalities – are we healthy or not?
    • Once we know our strengths how can this help us and hurt us?
    • How do we build genuine confidence in ourselves?
    • Failure – what it is and how we must change our mindset towards it 
    • How to create goals for ourselves based on what we value + how to consistently take action on what’s important to us
    • Self compassion – ways to transform your mind and body
    • Noticing – the power of leaving judgments behind
    • Much, much more!
  • Who we’re looking for
    • We’re looking for just 18 people to be a part of this amazing tribe!  This means space is limited but not too limited
    • Professionals who are struggling with feelings of not being good enough, feelings of being an imposter or fraud, and people who want to and are committed to change
    • People who earn more than $5,000/mo and can afford to invest 10% of their monthly income in their own development
  • Our timeline & schedule
    • 12 months with 2 classes each month for a total of 24 sessions
    • We want to begin as soon as possible so people start off the new year with a sense of purpose. 
    • Each topic will be covered in the course in no particular order.  Why is that?  It’s called flexibility!  We’re trying to make sure we are discussing topics that are most relevant to the tribe when they need them rather than setting some rigid timeline that doesn’t work when you need it to
    • Each month you’ll have 2 calls, each 90 minutes long which will focus on a specific topic for that month
    • There are assignments for you to do after the calls which can take around 2 hours of your time as well as some journaling as often as you can which keeps track of your progress

Access to your coaches

    • You’ll have access to your coaches through our private WhatsApp group as well as via email and phone.  If you need additional support outside of the tribe, we’re more than happy to help you.  Individual sessions can be arranged with a coach and will be a separate charge

Who are the coaches?

Lindley Craig, NLP Trainer & Executive Coach
I’ve been coaching for over 15 years and training Neuro Linguistic Programming for 10.  I’m passionate about helping people overcome issues in their lives with practical, down-to-earth tools & techniques which allow them to grow as a person, both professionally and personally.  As I say, I build better people who build better families, businesses, and communities. 

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Rainy Rainmaker, Executive Coach & Trainer
I got into the coaching industry in 2013 to safe myself from ‘drowning’  in life. Yet, I’ve fallen deeply into coaching since then. My purpose is to help people become their authentic best self so that they can live the life they love on their own terms, just like I am. Over the last two years, I’ve been recognised as the Top Transformational Coach and awarded the Best Relationship Coach among the international coaches.

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