You get insurance for your car and maybe you keep a supply of backup food and emergency equipment at home. But what if you could disaster-proof your brain. Richard Bolstad trains people who are under serious pressure. He taught psychiatrists and aid workers in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the end of the war there, and Psychologists in Chechnya at the time of the terrorist attacks there. He trained civil defence workers to go into the tsunami/earthquake zone in North Japan, in Samoa and in his home town of Christchurch immediately after the earthquakes there. In such situations, some people are resilient – they bounce back or carry on re-energised. Others never recover – they have chronic problems. But the difference can be learned!

Richard also works with businesses and government agencies in countries around the world, teaching them the skills to become resilient on the job. He trains managers and coaches in Poland – the only country in Europe that did not have a recession in the last decade. You are living through the longest economic recession in our lifetime. To manage this change with a sense of confidence and even adventure requires the same practical skills that people use to recover from major disasters such as war and earthquake. These skills, collectively, are called resilience. The first place to use these skills is with yourself. Wake up glad to be alive.

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If you work as a coach you know that some clients are already resilient and others are bogged down in chronic problems. The way to be a truly successful coach, and to have others recognise you as successful, is to understand how to install resilience in your clients: all your clients.

Fixing problems is not enough to transform your clients’ lives. Learn how to use every change process as an opportunity to transcend the mundane and touch what life is all about. Life, say the ancient Chinese, involves constant change. Become a master of the waves of change themselves. On this weekend, Richard will show you how to use those skills of resilience in your experience as a change agent or coach, as well as in your personal life.

After this two days you’ll be able to:

  • tell if you are responding to challenges with chronicity, recovery or resilience
  • use the key techniques to stay resilient in any crisis
  • pull out of the 8 thinking patterns that keep people trapped in chronic problems
  • relax and keep performing optimally in crisis
  • use the 3 secrets that enabled Polish businesses to avoid the recession

Who is Richard Bolstad?

  • A board member of the NLP Research and Recognition project and one of the authors of the first comprehensive book on NLP Research “The Clinical Effectiveness of Neurolinguistic Programming” (Routledge, 2013). Richard’s more than 12 published NLP texts combine precise research results with practical applications.
  • A world leader in the use of NLP in response to major social and environmental crises such as the wars in Bosnia and Chechnya, the Tsunami in Japan and the Pacific, Earthquakes in New Zealand and elsewhere. Richard pioneered work in these environments and trains government funded civil emergency missions.
  • A certifying trainer of NLP coaches and NLP Trainers since 1993, with two decades of experience helping people successfully set themselves up in business and enable others to change, described by NLP developer Steve Andreas as “one of the most thorough and competent trainers in NLP. He is one of the very few who is constantly developing new distinctions in understanding and practice, as well as congruently living what he teaches. He is one of the finest NLP trainers I know.”
  • A certifying trainer of traditional Chinese meditation and exercise techniques with a unique approach to the fusion of NLP and ancient spiritual teachings.

What is online training like with Transformations?

“I valued the ability to create a deeper connection with my NLP trainers; which this intimacy on Zoom has allowed. Instead of Richard and Julia being “out front” – they were there alongside me, in the room with me, which created a deeper experience of connection and ease. My NLP community in New Zealand has been strengthened due to this training.” – Michelle Clark

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning online. An extremely professionally run course that’s lots of fun.” – Hana Zawodny