The latest neuroscience research shows you have 3 brains!

So why is this important to you as a coach?  Have you ever had clients come to you wrestling with continued indecisiveness and ongoing unresolved issues?  Do your clients struggle with internal conflict between their head-based thoughts, their gut-based instinct and their heart-based emotions and values?  By knowing how to coach using all 3 brains acting in harmony, your clients achieve better, longer lasting results & this is what mBIT Coach Certification will do for your clients!

This training will transform how you coach!  And may transform you as well 😉

At this 4-DAY mBIT Coach Certification Course you’ll discover:

  • Deep insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflict and what you can do about it as a coach to support others
  • How to communicate with each brain / intelligence
  • How to help people to feel fully aligned, fulfilled and integrated in life
  • How to coach others to be making wiser decisions in their life
  • How to help others deal better with stress and feel more-calm and in control
  • And SO much more………..(such as some of the latest and fascinating neuroscience discoveries)

mbit coach certificationWhy do this mBIT Coach Certification?

  • This is the first coaching methodology of its kind that recognises and coaches the 3 brains
  • You can help your clients make fast, powerful and profound changes to their lives
  • Become part of a worldwide coaching network that is there to support each other. There are currently 2500 coaches trained worldwide across 21 countries.
  • There is an ongoing developmental pathway that allows you to keep learning and offering more to your client-base
  • Get ICF Professional Development credits
  • Asia is at this stage an untapped region. There is significant potential for you to take this across Asia and build your business

Next Training Dates – TBC

You will receive certification, as well as becoming a part of a worldwide coaching community plus a FREE COPY of the best-selling book mBRAINING valued at USD$29.95

Need to know more?  Check out this webinar, where Mal explains all about the multiple brains

Here’s what others have to say about mBIT Coach Certification training

A whole new dimension of self-development training. Simple, intuitive and very powerful“. – Richard, NZ

A truly fabulous and enriching course which was a real pleasure and a transformational experience”. – Glen, NZ

I came not knowing what to expect and learning that this is something that EVERYONE needs to do! I have learnt to trust myself and align the inner voice within me”. – Dorothy, Australia

Wow – I never expected to get such a shift in my thinking. Amazing. Thank You.”

You will delve into what’s really important to you in a way like you have never done. You will finish the course not the same person and in just the right place that you need to be”. – Leanne, Trainer and Coach

I feel like I have been through a personal journey of awakening”. Paula

The first handbook to the future of the comprehensive grasp of intelligence and how to integrate conscious mastery of our potential, mBraining is essential. Hope it gets recognized for what it is. Exciting revelations and ingenious work, guys!” – Thomas Sullivan, Pulitzer Nominated author

I’ve just been to an incredible 4-day coach certification in Auckland — mBraining — ground breaking technology.” – Tony, Auckland – NZ

Final day of my mBIT Coach Certification training and graduation completed! And what a ride that was. For the first time in my life I have finally connected with what I want and who I truly am. I have a new and exciting time ahead in this world.” – Matt, UK

For me mBIT brings all previous training together resulting in alignment that efficiently eases individuals towards transformation in such a way that is effective, smart and lasting. The ultimate training experience to increase competency and confidence for coaching and life.” – Denise, Coach – NZ

mBIT is something special for the world which will have lasting impacts as we all know. “It is a full body explosion, that integrates the head, heart and gut intelligences”. – Robyn, NZ

mBraining is an intriguing and profound” – Bruce Cryer, Founding director of Heart-Math

Meet your Trainer – Mal Winnie

Mal was the founder and managing director of Stand-Out Leadership Ltd (SOuL) and Ignite Group Ltd. Mal is highly sought after and respected by his clients in the area of coaching, leadership and high performance. He has developed a reputation as a very practical, insightful, intuitive and inspirational coach and personal improvement expert.

Mal has been described as the “Trainers Trainer” for his passionate and dynamic style. He is focused on creating learning environments that are inclusive and collaborative and he ensures to create a safe, trusting and enjoyable learning dynamic.

Mal has worked in people development for 25 years now and has worked across New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom with in excess of 20,000 people. He has undertaken tertiary and non-tertiary based studies in multiple areas such as Psychology, Positive Psychology, Neuro-Science and Neuro-Leadership, NLP and Coaching.

Mal is an internationally certified NLP Trainer with three international NLP Boards, an Internationally Certified mBIT Coach, Master Coach and Trainer and was recently one of only 7 people in the world invited to become the first mBIT Master Trainers.

Testimonials about Mal

  • I had the privilege of participating in Mal’s first mBit Coaching Certification training in Wellington. Mal is an impressive, highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer.
  • I clearly remember the first time I saw Mal present at an NLP training I was participating in. It was the highlight of my course and he blew my fellow participants away as well. Mal has the ability to draw people in and intuitively respond to the individual or group needs. Integrity and compassion are values which he lives by
  • The first time I heard Mal present to a group, I was blown away by his passion. Mal has a unique and remarkable way of delivering important messages reaching all the way to the heart. I have seen many people being inspired and ignited by Mal’s passion.