Tip #2 – The 10 Minute Rule

Time clock at ten minutesWait 10 minutes before you succumb to temptation or decide not to start something.  Let’s say you don’t want to go exercise.  Just go for 10 minutes.  That’s it.  Just 10 minutes.  The likely result is that once you are there, you will just continue with your workout.  It’s just getting over those 1st 10 minutes that is important.

What happens if you have a craving for something like chocolate or ice cream or a large pizza with extra cheese and yet you are trying to lose weight?  Find a kitchen timer or use the one on your phone and set it for 10 minutes.  Get a full glass of water and drink it.  Occupy yourself for 10 minutes doing something else other than deciding which piece of chocolate, what type ice cream or where you’re going to order your pizza.  It’s best to keep drinking water.  If you do this, after the 10 minutes are up the craving will most likely be gone.

What happens if you leave the gym after 10 minutes or you still eat the large cheesey pizza after 10 minutes?  It’s not a problem.  The fact is that you exercised your self-discipline muscles for those 10 minutes.  It’s that exercise, each and every time you do it, that builds your brain power to resist temptation in the future.  Next time or even the time after that, you’ll find that the 10 minutes does the trick and you’ll on your way to super self-discipline.

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