The other day, I was going over someone’s goals with them.  For all areas of his life, for the next 20 years, he only had a handful of goals.  When I asked him about this, he said:

I’m happy with where I am.  I like my job.  I don’t need any more responsibility.  I like my apartment.  It doesn’t need to be any bigger.  I like my friends.  I don’t really need any more.  I’m happy just staying in this place.  I don’t need anything to change.

I was intrigued.  “Are you growing or dying?” I asked.

He was confused.  “I’m not growing or dying.  I’m staying the same” he replied.

And then I had to explain it to him.

Your mind and body only know how to do one or the other.  There’s no such thing as standing still.  If you’re not growing you’re dying.  It’s that simple.  You are part of nature and as part of the living world, you are either growing or dying.  It’s like the concept of yin and yang.  A little black in white and a little white in black.  There isn’t a point in time where we go through out our day which is considered to be “night” and there’s no point in time that is considered to be “day” because even at 12 NOON, time keeps moving so even when you think you have “day” a little bit of night has snuck in because it’s now 12 NOON and 2 seconds.  The same with midnight.  Once it hits midnight, day is sneaking in to night.  It’s constant.  It’s moving all the time.  So are you.

How about you?  Are you learning and growing and achieving and expanding and giving?  Or are you thinking like my client that if you just stay the same, then everything will be fine.  If you’re not growing, you’re dying.  Where do you want to be in the continuum?  Do you want to be more in growth than in death or more death than growth?

The choice is up to you.  I choose to grow!


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