Are you looking for an NLP Certification Course in Singapore?  Here are 7 important questions to ask yourself before you choose a NLP Course provider:


What length of NLP course is best for you?

For some people, a short 7-8 day course is sufficient to grasp all of the material for the NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner Certification in Singapore.  Due to work constraints or other commitments, some people can only afford to take off this time to dedicate to self-development. For others, the full 18-day course is better.  The longer courses allow you more time to practice the material you are learning as well as integrate those things into you daily life.  Only you know which is the best way you learn. The other important thing to consider is the time away from family and friends.  Normally, shorter courses will include weekends in their training schedules as well as homework to do in the evening whereas some of the longer courses give you the weekends off and do not have extra homework.

What is your learning style?

Some people learn better by doing stuff (more hands-on focused) and others learn better by just reading or listening to material. Research suggests that the best way to learn is by hearing, seeing, doing and repeating.  Having all of these elements allows the brain to incorporate knowledge at deeper levels.  The more you have time to practice, the more knowledge “muscle” you build.

What focus is best for you?

Do you want to use your NLP skills in a specific area such as business (sales, HR, management)? Or do you want to become a coach and require a more therapeutic focus (hypnotherapy, coaching skills)?  Or do you want something that is more general and can apply to various different aspects of your life?  Make sure that you ask about the focus of the NLP Certification Course you are interested in.  You don’t want to be in a room full of sales people when you are trying to learn NLP to help in a relationship with teenage children.

What is the background and interests of the instructor?

Does the trainer have an extensive background in training and coaching NLP? Does the instructor attend international conferences on NLP? Does the trainer still coach other people in NLP? By asking these questions, you get an understanding of whether or not your trainer is still up-to-date in their knowledge of NLP. A trainer that doesn’t coach clients may only be teaching the theory of how NLP works rather than the actual practice of it. A trainer that doesn’t attend conferences may only have the base knowledge from their own training from years ago. It is important to know these things as well as how your trainer uses NLP in their own lives.

What support will you receive after the course?

If you have any questions or concerns after your NLP Certification Training in Singapore is over, where do you go for help? Is this help available over the phone, through email or live – in person? More importantly, how do you want the support? Are you the type of person that wants to sit down with someone over a cup of coffee/tea and have a discussion? Or are you happy to receive an email answer? Ask your would-be trainer what options are available and if your preferred option is available.

What opportunities do you have for ongoing practice and training?

Does the trainer provide practice groups or additional training after the course is over? Are those practice sessions live or online? Which do you prefer? Make sure that you are comfortable with how the company provides practice support. If you want NLP to become integrated in your life, you will need plenty of opportunities to practice.

Have you spoken to the Trainer and not to a salesperson?

Some trainers will speak to you directly about their course so you can get a feel for their personality, their passion for NLP, and how you get along with them.  Other trainers do not allow you access to them personally and instead require you to go through their sales process.  Be sure you are comfortable in your decision as the investment is quite important.  When you are in the course, it’s too late to change your mind.

Here are some popular choices for courses:

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