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Are you a practitioner of NLP and would like to upskill yourself this year?  Here’s a great opportunity with the NLP Belief Audit Training.  What’s a belief audit?  I’m glad you’re curious!

What’s a Belief Audit?

A belief audit is a way to understand our limiting beliefs and exactly where they are coming from.  It gives us a detailed look into the structure of our beliefs so we can then do something about it.  Without having this foundation of knowledge, our efforts to change our negative beliefs will be in vain.

Why is using Belief Audit useful?

There are so many limiting thoughts that stop us from achieving what we want to.  We have thoughts about our abilities, our capacity, our right and so much more.  A lot of times, our thoughts are judgments about ourselves or the world around us.  And sometimes those judgments have been given to us by other people when we weren’t looking.  Unconsciously, we may have so many beliefs stopping us from really being who we truly are.  And it’s time to stop the chatter.

And if you’re a coach, the Belief Audit is not only useful, it’s fun!  You can elicit so many insights from the Belief Audit which really helps to open the map of the world to new possibility.  And once you learn the Belief Audit, you can also use the same structure for the Cause Audit (to explore the origin of problems), the Outcome Audit (to explore goals) and the Resource Audit (to explore what you have and need to obtain a goal).

Course Highlights

  • Learn all about beliefs – for some of you this is a review to get everyone up to speed and talking the same language
  • Discover the Belief Audit – we’ll run through each part and solidify our understanding of how the structure works and what to do with it
  • Play with the Belief Audit – you’ll get the chance to experience an audit for yourself as well as guide someone else through the audit process

There’s so much to explore about beliefs and the Belief Audit training is a deep dive into our way of thinking and creating meaning in our lives.  It’s good to open our minds and think differently, isn’t it?

Places for this advanced NLP Training are limited!  Please register early to avoid disappointment.  This course may not run again in 2022!  The sooner you register, the sooner you’ll be making 2022 the year of your own self-development.

Course FAQs

What happens if we go on lock-down again?  I cannot control what the government of Singapore will or will not do with regards to COVID and a potential lock-down.  If necessary, we will switch dates or have the course online though this is my LAST option

Can I get a payment plan?  Yes.  All payments must be complete by the Monday before the course begins.  Your payment plan will be based on when you register.  All payment plans MUST be made through automatic credit card payments

Will this course be safe?  Yes.  You will be sitting next to people who are vaccinated and you’ll have many options as to where you sit/stand/roam during the course.  You are in charge of your own comfort level so if being around people who aren’t wearing masks because they’re drinking their coffee or eating fruit bothers you, then maybe wait until 2023 to attend


  • NLP Belief Audit Training
    April 16, 2022
    9:00 am - 5:30 pm
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


Venue Phone: 83873219

400 Orchard Rd #06-10, Orchard Towers, 238875, Singapore

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