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Are you a NLP Coach ready to upskill yourself with some specific skills on how to work with clients who do Anxiety really well?  Well, look no further as the Advanced Anxiety Certification training is coming to Singapore.

I’m sure you already know why having advanced anxiety training is important.  You probably have many clients in various stages of anxiety.  You too may have experienced many different levels of anxiety in the past.  The sad fact is, Anxiety will be one of the most common reasons why someone seeks you out for coaching.  Can you imagine after you’ve taken the Advanced Anxiety Certification, when you’ve helped dozens of people learn how NOT to do anxiety anymore, you’ll look back at this moment, now when you made the decision to join this course and realise how much farther you can go when you increase your resources for you and your business.

That’s Right!  This is an investment in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS as a coach.  And with every investment you need to do the math to make sure you have a return on investment.  What you need to know now is what shiny new tools you can acquire.  So, let’s look at what you’ll take away from this Advanced Anxiety training.

Course Contents

  • Why anxiety is a major issue in today’s modern world
  • What the structure of anxiety is – definitions, types, symptoms, & potential causes
  • The medical world versus the NLP world of anxiety
  • Determining if the client has anxiety – what questions do we need to ask & using the GAD-7 form
  • Review what NLP tools we already have for anxiety
  • Decision making & its link to anxiety
  • Things to do before the anxiety process
  • The anxiety process
  • How to do it and what happens when… lots of things can happen, so let’s get you prepared
  • How to structure your sessions with your client – the strategy for success

By now, you probably realise that with like most trainings I do, this will be amazingly thorough and structured so you walk away with a step-by-step plan that you can modify to suit you and your clients.  And by now, you may have also realised that with all the uncertainty in the world this is the perfect time to get prepared to help hundreds of people live life free of worry.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Course Structure

 Day 1The why and what of anxiety.  We will review some things that you already know and we discover things that you may not know including the latest science about the 3-brains and how they relate to anxiety

Day 2The how of anxiety.  We’ll begin the step-by-step sequence to follow when working with someone who is doing anxiety.  As these steps are meant to occur over multiple client sessions, we’ll also learn the structure of our sessions, NLP processes to use and tasks to assign

Day 3Putting it all together & questions.  You’ll work with others to practice the Anxiety Process and have the opportunity to get all those “what ifs” out of the way

Course Investment

The last time we ran this course in Singapore it was priced at S$2,088.  I know!  Gives me anxiety too!  This year, the course price is just S$1,388.  And as you are there are limit places for this training.  I will also be opening the training to those who had taken the course before so they can re-sit a course with a more complete structure.  This may also limit the available places.  It’s OK not to decide now.  You may or may not want put it on your calendar to decide next week.  Once the places are filled, that’s it for 2022!

Course Dates

April 1st, 2nd and 3rd – no fooling!
9:30 am – 5:30 pm daily
Lunch & snacks are included as usual

Course FAQs

What happens if I can’t attend all 3 days?  Sorry, you’ll need to attend the next course – maybe in 2023.  All days are required for certification

What happens if we go on lock-down again?  I cannot control what the government of Singapore will or will not do with regards to COVID and a potential lock-down.  If necessary, we will switch dates or have the course online though this is my LAST option

Can I get a payment plan?  Yes.  All payments must be complete by the Monday before the course begins.  Your payment plan will be based on when you register.  All payment plans MUST be made through automatic credit card payments

Will this course be safe?  Yes.  You will be sitting next to people who are vaccinated and you’ll have many options as to where you sit/stand/roam during the course.  You are in charge of your own comfort level so if being around people who aren’t wearing masks because they’re drinking their coffee or eating fruit bothers you, then maybe wait until 2023 to attend




  • Advanced Anxiety Certification
    April 1, 2022 - April 3, 2022
    9:30 am - 5:30 pm
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


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