NLP Depression Training Singapore

Whether you are a Psychologist, Therapist, Life/Business Coach or anything in between, this rapid depression treatment training equips you with tools for gaining rapid results with your clients who may be suffering depression!  Are you ready to be a better coach?

Through the The Shinnick Method, it is now possible to rapidly change your clients depression using a simple, structured and drug free coaching method. Expand your skill-set and knowledge, start seeing amazing real results with your clients in as little as 3 hours.


Depression is on the rise, not just here but around the globe. Doctors and Clients are desperate for tangible results.   The current methods have focused on managing or suppressing the problem rather than focusing on a solution. The Shinnick Method offers a way of addressing depression effectively and rapidly.

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Medical Professionals and Coaches, once fully trained in this method, have been able to produce incredible results rapidly, with an astounding 70% plus success rate!

The Shinnick Method is being used successfully in clinics around the world. Already active in several countries, don’t get left behind with this rapidly changing world, get in early to be part of the rapid change expansion this year!

There are limited spaces on the training’s, right now there is still an opportunity to get involved and change the lives of your clients rapidly! 

During these 2 days you will learn:

  • The real structure of Depression and why it’s so debilitating
  • Client experiences and side effects – the ripple effect
  • How to measure depression and communicate with Medical Practitioners/Doctors
  • The specific step-by-step process for coaching clients through depression, and how to spot the signs
  • You will experience taking people through this process, observing the change as it happens, live on the day
  • You will be given the complete system to take with you and can use immediately following the training with your clients
  • Everything you need to know, to immediately put this training straight into practice and get those rapid results

Offer your clients a life changing experience by removing Depression completely


Successfully complete the 2-day training course with Master Trainer, Des Schinnick

November 21st & 22nd, 09:30 – 17:30
limited seats

Course fees: S$1,388

About Des Shinnick

Des Schinnick Rapid Depression Treatment SingaporeDes is a Counselor, NLP Trainer, Medical and Education Researcher in Auckland, New Zealand.

Des has Developed Rapid Treatments for Depression, Anxiety, and Dyslexia, which has been used to teach hundreds of Psychologists, Counselors, Educators, Therapists and Coaches globally

Des is also a Founding Member of the NZ Trauma Recovery Team responding to large-scale population trauma and a leading Developer and Researcher in creating new treatment models for Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia, Trauma, Insomnia, TBI, and Insomnia.

Des other Training’s include:  NLP Therapy for Children; Advanced Trauma Training.

Des is focused on the delivery of new health and education models that improve patient and student outcomes.

helpful pre-training study: NLP Certification Training in Singapore

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