Top 10 NLP Tips, 5 of 10

People often wonder where my self-confidence comes from.  It wasn’t always there, mind you.  I remember being unsure of myself and always concerned what others thought of me and consistently rejecting myself before anyone else had a chance to.  I remember in my NLP Practitioner Certification course doing an exercise where I had to get (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 6 of 10

Tip #6 is all about overcoming rejection.  Before I took my first NLP Practitioner Certification Course, I learned about NLP from Tony Robbins’ live courses.  There was one particular one, Date With Destiny, that changed my life in more ways than one. #6 Complex Equivalents If you’ve ever been to a Tony Robbins’ course, you (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 7 of 10

#7 Outcomes When I first moved to Singapore, something very exciting happened – I got engaged!  I was so excited about getting married within the year and needed to find a wedding dress.  I was enchanted by the Cheongsam, a sleek Chinese styled dress with a high collar and a silhouette hugging shape.  I knew (more…)

Being a Billionaire

The Lottery in the USA has climbed to a record breaking and chokingly high level of $1.3 Billion.  Yup, that’s Billion with a big B. Sales may see that number climb higher than $1.5 Billion before the draw on my birthday, January 13th.  You can yap all you want about the odds of winning  this (more…)

How Your Food Affects Your Self-Discipline

Tip #3  Eat the Right Food for the Brain Willpower doesn’t exist.  It isn’t real.  You can’t will yourself to stop yourself from a bad habit or avoid temptation.  Self-discipline is real!  And it works if you are doing the things you need to do to make sure your self-discipline has all the help it (more…)

How a Doberman Developed My Self-Confidence

When I was growing up, I was a latchkey kid, which meant that when I left elementary school each day, my house was empty and I had a key to let myself in.  Both my parents worked and my sisters were older than I was and their school didn’t get out until after mine. Fortunately (more…)

3 Mistakes that Give You Bad Habits

If you’d rather read than watch, just scroll past the video     Mistake #1 – Allowing Boredom to Set In Boredom is the inability to take responsibility for our own entertainment.  For me, it’s about state change.  You body and your mind don’t want to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling so our (more…)

Can a Song Trigger Your Confidence?

Do you have a song that you listen to that brings you back to a particular place and time?  For me, that song is Boys of Summer.  When I hear that song, I’m transported back to a certain day, lying at the beach when I was 16 years old, surrounded by good looking guys and (more…)