NLP Resources

The Encyclopaedia of NLP – a Robert Dilts’ resource Robert Dilts’ & Judith Delozier created this amazing resources in 2000.  It’s sorted alphabetically and you can print up to 10 pages per day. NLP Wiki Here is another great encyclopaedia resource of NLP stuff.  If you have something to share – NLP wise – please (more…)

Cows & Sheep

Happy Chinese New Year!  It is the year of the ox (it is a cow actually but that’s just being picky) and it reminds me of the story of my husband and I on his farm in New Zealand.  On the farm there are cows and sheep (and a few wild deer but they aren’t (more…)

What else is possible?

I had the privilege of working with my niece in a workshop a few weeks back.  We were asked to give a 3-minute presentation on a topic from our books (Raise Your BAR and Raise Your BAR #4Students).  Baillie and I chose one of our favorite questions, “What else is possible?” Not bad for never (more…)

Stop thinking!

When you look up “thinking” in the dictionary, you get definitions like: “Opinion.  Judgment.  The action of using your mind to produce ideas, decisions, memories, etc.” Thinking involves lots of areas of our brain.  Our prefrontal cortex is used in making executive decisions.  In NLP we call it the B.S detector.  It’s great for lots (more…)

I seem to be a verb

No matter why a client walks in my door, there’s one consistent message I’m delivering.  “You aren’t broken.  There’s nothing wrong with you.”  I specifically separate the “be” from the “do”. I base this message on a presupposition of NLP that says, “People are not their behaviors.”  You are not depressed.  You “do” depressing things.  (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 1 of 10

Over the course of the next 10 weeks, I wanted to share with you my favorite NLP tricks that have made a significant impact on my life.  To do this effectively, I’m going to tell you the story of what exactly was going on in my life before I practiced the NLP technique (the problem (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 2 of 10

Are you like most people – do you have a negative voice that sometimes drives you crazy with its chatter inside your head?  Well, I had a voice who loved to show me movies along with the constant commentary. 2.  Submodalities I would start my day getting some exercise, eating breakfast, and getting ready to (more…)

Top 10 NLP Tips, 3 of 10

3.  Metamodel My husband used to call me the drama queen.  I was constantly complaining about everything.  I would moan about the incompetent waiter at the restaurant.  I would whine about the useless girl at the coffee place.  The taxi driver was an idiot, the landlord was a jerk, and people in the streets were (more…)