I was discombobulated.  Something was missing in my life & it was disrupting my inner balance.  Suddenly it came to me:

I hadn’t been on a course, to a conference or even so much as a workshop in months! I had delivered several for others but hadn’t actually attended one myself.  

I’m a learning Junkie and I needed a fix! I’ve since enrolled in a 12-week online course so I feel much better now. All is back in harmony because I’m growing again. I’m expanding myself outside my comfort zone and that’s where I like to be. 

Ever feel the same way? 

education-to-entertainmentWhat is your E/E ratio? How much of your free time do you spend on entertainment versus on education?  Most people spend 95% of their free time on entertainment.  Only the truly successful spend 95% of their free time on education.  And no, Facebook is NOT education! Nor is watching mating animals on Discovery Channel.  When you get home from a long day do you watch a university class on the Art of Critical Thinking or an episode of Game of Thrones? Which one do you think will get you closer to your goals? When you have downtime commuting to work each day, do you spend it listening to a personal development podcast or do you play games on your phone? What you choose to do with your free time is critical to your success!

Are you saying to yourself, “What free time?” 

A lot of us believe we are so overly busy already that we don’t actually have any time to spare.  Most people don’t even realize how much time they really have until they track how they spend time.  I’ve been tracking my activities for a week and what I realized is there are a lot of things I do that aren’t related to my top 3 goals. There are things I do for others, there are things I do to pass time, there are things I do that wastes time. There’s a lot I can cut out and there is an equal amount I can delegate

And what I also noticed is that using those little bits of time in between meetings, in taxis, waiting for others, and while I’m working out or relaxing to do something educational gives me heaps of return! I feel much more productive,  energized, alive and less like a giant couch potato even when I’m sitting on my couch!  I find its so much easier to be focused.  

Have you ever tracked your time in relation to your top 3 goals? 

What would you choose to learn when you discover you do have the time?

When would now be a good time to start?

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