Use it colorAs we are rounding out 2022 and getting set for 2023, I know this is a time when a lot of people start thinking about what they’ve accomplished this year (or didn’t accomplish) and what they want to set as goals for the coming year.

Whether it’s New Year’s Resolutions, SMART Goals or my much preferred method of FLOW goals, a good mindset is hard to beat when stretching yourself to success.  Here are my top 10 mindset tips:

  1. Conquer each negative thought the moment it enters your mind.  I use a method called “choi.”  It’s apparently a Cantonese saying to stop negative things from happening in the future.  You can also use the NLP technique called, “Cancel – Erase.”  Whatever negative thing comes into your mind say, “Cancel, erase” and then ask yourself, “What do I want instead?”  The last question is so important to getting your mind back on the right track.
  2. Create a play list of motivating songs.  Keep it on your phone and play it when you feel sorry for yourself or life isn’t going your way.  It’s amazing how a little “Eye of the Tiger” can get you moving and upbeat again.
  3. The margin between success and failure is relatively small and is easily bridged by perseverance.  Just be a pain in the ass to your goals.   Be a dog with a bone.  Don’t give up no matter what.
  4. You become what you think about most.  Are you thinking of yourself as a victim or a success?  Are you thinking of yourself in debt or a saver?  Do you think of yourself as someone who is easy to get along with and fun to be around or are you telling everyone “I’m difficult”?
  5. Look towards your future.  If you believe the best is yet to come, it will be.  Be present in the moment when you need to be and always keep an eye on the future you – who you will become by being in this present moment.
  6. Know your “why”.  The “why” of life tells us what’s important.  It connects us to our values.  When you connect what you want in life with why it’s important you spark a motivational drive in yourself that is unstoppable.
  7. Convince yourself that whatever you’re doing is fun and it will be.  Exercise can be fun.  Doing the dishes or your taxes can be fun.  Being uncomfortable outside of your comfort zone can be fun.  It may take a little creativity and a shift in attitude but it can be fun!
  8. Start your day by accomplishing your hardest task first.  For some of you that might be exercise.  It isn’t that exercise is hard.  It’s that committing to it at any other time of the day is hard.  Getting up at 5 instead of 7 is hard.  Going to bed at 10 or 11 instead of watching the latest episode of Vikings is hard.
  9. Set small, attainable tasks towards your goal and always know what your next step is.  You should have a clear understanding of not only your next step but the two after that.  When momentum starts, you’ll want to be prepared to run with it instead of trying to organise yourself or your thoughts about what’s next.
  10. Every decision you make leads you either closer toward achieving your goal or farther away from it.  EVERY CHOICE.  EVERY DECISION.  Choose wisely.

Start 2023 by building a better you!

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