NLP Depression Training SingaporeGo beyond the NLP Trauma Process by training in the Advanced Level Trauma Process Training using The Shinnick MethodRapid Drug Free Treatments.

Your clients can experience rapid changes in Trauma, PTSD, and Phobias. The ALTP is also fantastic for Sports and Business Performance.

Why Train in ALTP?

It’s about your clients after all.  Clients report, improved mental performance, increased confidence, and happiness.  After being coached with the ALTP client’s have a feeling of freedom to be able to perform daily functions with much less effort and much more efficiency.

You’ll learn a process that’s more effective, quick & easy to use with clients. You’ll master an advanced level to enhance required changes and lift clients results significantly. Explore the many applications of this progressive training such as Depression, Anxiety, Trauma as well as Sports and Business Performance.

Why YOU?

The Shinnick Method has been used thousands of times in clinics around the world. Currently in several countries, and expanding this year, you now have the opportunity to get involved and change the lives of your clients for good.  You can now experience the amazing results we have achieved in clinic, with Medical Professionals and Coaches around the world.

Whether you are a Psychologist, Therapist, Life/Business Coach or anything in between this is a training that will work for you. 

Expand your skill set and start seeing amazing, real results with your clients!

What you will learn

  • A highly effective processes for engaging clients
  • Leading ways beyond the current Trauma Process
  • Systems to track the clients internal processing and allow you to effectively deal with internal road blocks
  • Advanced Training techniques which enhance the clients experience and breakdown barriers at a subconscious level
  • Real world examples, results achieved and what is possible for you and your clients
  • Experience this process first hand and the opportunity to lead people through this process, observing the change as it happens, live on the day
  • How to improve the results your get for clients
  • This allows you to expand the client challenges you can work with

You will leave with

  • The specific step-by-step process for coaching clients in this Advanced Level process, and the broader application of the skills.
  • A complete system to take with you and can use immediately following the training with your clients
  • Everything you need to know, to immediately be able to put this training into practice and see rapid lasting results


Successfully complete this 1-day training course

Course investment: S$698

Previous NLP Trauma Process training is an advantage.

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About Des Shinnick

Des Schinnick Rapid Depression Treatment SingaporeDes is a Counselor, NLP Trainer, Medical and Education Researcher in Auckland, New Zealand.

He has Developed Rapid Treatments for Depression, Anxiety, and Dyslexia, which has been used to teach hundreds of Psychologists, Counselors, Educators, Therapists and Coaches globally

Des is also a Founding Member of the NZ Trauma Recovery Team responding to large-scale population trauma and a leading Developer and Researcher in creating new treatment models for Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia, Trauma, Insomnia, TBI, and Insomnia.

His other Trainings include:  NLP Therapy for Children; Advanced Trauma Training.

Des is focused on the delivery of new health and education models that improve patient and student outcomes.

Check out Des’s other courses: Rapid, Drug-Free Anxiety Treatment Certification, Rapid, Drug-Free Depression Treatment Certification