Our Mission is to Empower People with NLP

Our objectives are:

  • To create a professional profile and promote the recognition of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the community and in businesses.
  • To ensure NLP Training and Coaching/Consulting is ethical and highly accessible. To ensure member’s NLP qualifications are widely respected, recognised and sought after.
  • To provide the public with a one stop source of information on NLP.
  • To provide a vehicle for the open exchange of ideas, materials, and services in the NLP world by organising conferences, producing events and webinars, and conducting practice groups.
  • To support research, development and ongoing training in the NLP field.
  • To ensure our members have the appropriate professional backup.
  • To correspond with International NLP networks.

You do not have to join the NLP Association.  Just come to any of our events, discover, learn and master!

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NLP Assoc. Singapore was started in January 2007 to promote NLP in Singapore and throughout the region.