Wise men are great.  Wise women are too.  They say the smartest things sometimes.  Don’t you agree?  Here’s what this one said…

People who look up avoid bird poop.

Do you avoid problems by looking up?It’s true, right?  If you’re looking up, you’ll see the bird and then you’ll be able to take action and move.  If you’re looking down, you’re going to miss the signs that something bad is about to happen.  I know it’s a simple concept and yet it’s really important to understand.  When you have a goal, when you’re trying to solve a problem, when you’re trying to avoid shit falling from the sky, it’s best to look up!

And by “look up” what I mean is use your visual cortex.  You see, when we have our eyes up, we are accessing areas of our brain related to our visual cortex.  We can envision, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we can imagine the steps we need to take.  You can access this area of your mind easier when you look up.  If you want to remember, look up left (for most people) and if you want to create, look up right (again, for most people).  Or just look straight up.  

When we look down, we are accessing our inner senses such as our feelings and our inner voice.  Sure, you can have a goal that has lots of feeling to it.  That isn’t a problem.  You also need to look up though.  You can talk to yourself about how great it will be to succeed at something.  And then you need to look up.  Why am I being so adamant about looking up?  Because the loop for depression is down.

For some people when they get depressed, their world is filled with inner dialogue about how they’ve failed somehow in the past.  And they feel bad about those failures.  And when they feel bad about the failures, it’s really easy to tell themselves even more bad stuff; regret, shame, guilt, remorse, embarrassment, loneliness, etc.  All of those feelings are down.  It brings us down.  That’s why we call it that, “down” because that’s where we’re looking.

Today, do yourself a favor and spend some time looking up.  If you get stuck, look up.  If you feel lousy, look up.  If you’re confused, overwhelmed, sad, or hopeless – Look up!

And make sure there’s no poop coming your way!


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